hive mind

Hive Mind is an ongoing, community driven art installation and research project.

The recurring aspects of the work are the creation of sculptural forms from copper wire through public workshops and the collection of community voices and ideas through audio recordings. These two components are then installed into a touch sensitive sound installation where audio is triggered simply by touching the artwork.

It’s like plugging into the universe and hearing everyone’s secrets.
— Micheal, June 2015

The project explores our experiences of being human - our worries and concerns as well as our hopes and dreams. It is about the big and little questions whispered in our minds, the ones with no clear or simple answers and the ones we tend to push to the side and forget about.

What an innovative, beautiful thing. I’ve never seen anything like it.
— Talia, June 2015


  • Planting Festival 2015
  • Woodford Folk Festival 2015/16
  • The Murri School 2017
  • State Library of Queensland 2017
  • Milpera State High School 2018
  • Caboolture Montessori School 2018



Drawing on notions of relational aesthetics, Hive Mind creates a subjective environment that blurs the boundaries of social and individual space and of artist and audience. The term ‘hive mind’ refers to the apparent collective consciousness of a colony of social beings that, when observed from the outside, appears to behave as a single organism.

As a vast collection of human thought and endeavour, the internet provides a window into the human mind and gives us the opportunity to connect with people we barely know from all over the world.  We can share information, fall in love, start arguments, work collaboratively from afar and laugh at other people’s cats.  

Juxtaposed with this is Hive Mind, using a network of wires and social connections to explore the thoughts whispered in our deepest consciousness, those we rarely share with strangers.