Sounds Fishy - Little Artists at PLay

Photo Credit: Thom Browning

Come swim with our school of sonic goldfish - they’re hungry for people to play with and full of musical ideas.

Sounds Fishy is an innovative interactive sound and sculpture installation designed especially for children aged 0-5 and initially delivered at the Brisbane Powerhouse in partnership with Imaginary Theatre.

A facilitated creative play environment, Sounds Fishy invites children and families to create symphonies of sound by playing within inflatable, touch sensitive goldfish.

Using a unique sequence of hardware and software design technology, Sounds Fishy transforms familiar objects and experiences into a surprising and immersive world that explores sound, touch and the joy of participating as a community.

In fact, Sounds Fishy could be described as a collaborative musical instrument with each fish producing a unique sound locally whilst also triggering multiple layers that intertwine to create a soundtrack of play. Sounds are triggered incidentally as children enjoy exploring the physical space with their family and friends, and they can also be explored more purposefully as participants discover the pleasures of touch sensitive sound.

The space becomes filled with a soft, gentle and playful feeling, in turn influencing the mood and energy of our participants.

Sounds Fishy is:

  • An ecosystem of sound and movement

  • An imaginary aquarium

  • An exploration of improvised and collaborative sound

  • A shared experience

  • A sense of community through participation

  • An exploration of cause and effect

  • An introduction to programming design