navigating the skies

On show in The Corner at the State Library of Queensland until 14 July 2015.

Navigating the Skies combined a steam punk aesthetic with 21st century technology to offer children experiences in navigation and exploration whilst also supporting sociodramatic play.

Two ipads with carefully selected apps were housed within the installation. The first offered children a tactile interaction with Van Gogh's Starry Night and the second was a science-driven look at stars and constellations.

The telescope worked as a fully functioning kaleidoscope with removable lenses that children could customise with their own artwork. This piece allowed children to create imaginary night-scapes, explore moving patterns and get just a glimpse of infinity.

The quality of each of these experiences, combined with a cohesive look and feel, transported children into another world that was captivating, educational and highly conducive to play. 

As part of this exhibition I also developed four educational story packs. Each included a carefully selected picture book and accompanying props (commercially sourced and custom made) that were also inherently interesting so as to be used in free play.